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 Buying and Selling Authentic Autographs Since 1978

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WELCOME was the first memorabilia site in the world to offer consistent weekly autograph auctions. Our founder, Todd Mueller, has been an internationally recognized and trusted industry leader in buying, authenticating, and selling memorabilia since 1978. Each and every autographed item purchased from Todd Mueller is backed by a credible Guarantee of Authenticity.

Have autographs to sell? Todd is interested in hearing from you. Please contact us today to sell your autographs and get paid as early as tomorrow!


Todd Mueller's weekly Monday to Sunday online autograph auction is the only one of it's kind in the world where over 800 unique lots are listed and bid on each and every week. 

 Over the past 40+ years our auctions have been trusted by thousands of clients in more than 60 countries.

We Invite You to Register and Browse our Current Auction Today.

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“I discovered Bettie Page in the early 1950's, Todd Mueller rediscovered her in the 1990's.” ​

Bunny Yeager, Photographer

“I'll only sign for Todd Mueller, I trust him.”​

Raquel Welch, Actress

"This is wonderful Todd! How did you do this and can I have some more? You're amazing."

Ben Hogan, Professional Golfer

In Response to Todd Mueller's Golf's Greatest card set

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